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Highlights Index 2007

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

2007 YouTube Award Winners Check these out. It's the wave of the future. People creating their own content, voting on what others have created, it's a trend, just you watch and see.

Jan - Feb, 2007

Ramble What is an Artist? 01-09-07,

Josana, Pink and White Flowers,

Blend BeadsCut Beads, 02-13-07: Basket Weave, Pennant Beads, 2 Face Beads, 02-24-07 Faux Wood Tins, 02-28-MicaTins,

2007 - March: Brown Rose Experiment and Ant   03-01-07, Brown Rose Experiment, 03-03-Brown Rose, 03-06-07 Rose Draft, 03-10-Rose Layer Beads, 03-10-07- Rose Necklace, Pendant, 03-20-01-Ant: Real men do wear beads. , 03-20-07 - The Birthday Inro, SunSet Snake Necklace: 03/22/07,
April 2007: 04/05/07 Work Table, 04-15-07 Bikkie Morning, 04-20-07: Three piles of beads, Worktable Index, 04-23-07 Drip Dry Skewers Index, Bead Round Up: Between August and September 2006, AZKathy's Docs Index, Lady With Pot, 04-24-07 Pendant Penance

2007-05: Family was the focus for May 2007.


06-21-07 Dano Doll

06-28-07 Broken Wings



07-08-07 - Golden Afro PenPal and Quarter JarAugust


August: No highlight page, nothing got made in August. I did a lot of reading and ended up starting the book section.



09-18-2007 Pens


09-22-2007- Leaf Pen

09-28-07-Black, Silver, Pearl



10-11-07 Pen variations

10-06-07 Poinsettia Pens

10-04-07 Head Pen

November no highlight page yet, I was in Texas for three weeks. See the workshop pictures from Eva and Denise in the gallery pages at NoraJean-Designs.Com

November 18, 2007 Texas Tour

Austin Polymer Clay Guild - Denise wood, flower, leaf, mask workshop. To be built.

Austin WorkShop Pictures

San Antonio Polymer Clay Guild - Eva's Sculpting workshop. Prep Page on Figures and Faces.

San Antonio WorkShop pictures



Dec. 1, 2007 Arlington, TX, Sci-Fi clay workshop at Debbie's.

12-31-07 - Tigers Eye Cane How To:

Faux Index: 12-27-07

12-27-07 Tigers Eye Beads


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3



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