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Monthly Highlights 2013
Jesus Snowflake12/9/2013 It's time to share the

Jesus Snowflake

I made this a few years ago at

You can make one for yourself. It's easier than you might think.

Do a draft of your figure and cut it down the middle. That's your pattern for your snowflake. Any figure can be cut this way since humans, and most organisms, have bilateral symmetry.
Winter Holiday Tutorials

This link is to the review page of Winter Tutorials. Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, are represented.

Feeling Holiday Stress? Check out this page:
12-09-06: 'Holiday Stress' Post to the ClayMates

With a new year approaching I have web admin to do to prepare. Archiving the old and making way for the new. Until that's done you can wander around the existing tutorials and amuse yourself.

Happy Holidays and see you in 2014!
11/19/2013: Creation of CITY-o-Clay Google Group

This is a post I sent to CITY-o-Clay Yahoo Group today.
I've been thinking of Google Groups as an alternative to Yahoo Groups.

The main reason being I've been thinking of using Google Hangouts as an avenue for live online-streaming webcam demos. There is no limit to the number of people in the viewing audience and I can have up to 10 other people in the Hangout doing the demo technique being shown. 

The only downside is the Google Hangouts can't be scheduled. It has to be set up and then a link is shared, like here, on my Facebook/Twitter account, or in a blog post, that a Hangout is in session. We can decide ahead of time what tutorial will be shared.

A Google Hangout that is live streaming will automatically saved to YouTube, which cuts down the amount of work I need to do. I've developed arthritis in my right shoulder, maybe bursitis in my left, so cutting down the amount of work I do to make new tutorials or doing webcam demos is important to me at this time. 

It will mean that anyone who wants to attend a Google Hangout webcam demo will need a gmail account and a Google+ profile.

If you want to comment on YouTube in the future you'll need a Google+ profile because Google wants to cut down cyberbulling comments on YouTube by removing the ability to be anonymous.

I'm sending this post to CITY-Leaders and CITYListFounders because I'm suggesting a mass migration away from Yahoo Groups and it won't be something that happens over night, it'll be a trickle, then a flood, and then a trickle again. 

The CITY-Leaders have discussed this in the past when the threat of Yahoo Groups being shut down was rumored. It seems like the NEO format is forcing our hands to find an alternative to Yahoo Groups. 

I'm voting for Google Groups not because I particularly love that format but because of the other Google offerings that we can exploit. 

Please discuss this and if you have another alternative to Yahoo Groups let us know. Just know I am leaning towards Google Hangouts for my webcam demos so they are automatically recorded and posted to my polymer clay YouTube channel no matter what is decided about where the CITY-Lists Yahoo Group family migrates to. 


Posted as a note on my Facebook wall

What one needs:

Gmail account

Sign up for Google+

Download the app. Works on all devices. You download "Hangouts" from Google Play, iTunes App Store, or for your computer from the link below.


It is free.


You don't need a webcam. One can invite someone to a Google Hangout by typing in the person's phone number. The call is free within the United States. So no, you do not need a webcam to be part of a Google Hangout. In order to participate in a Google Hangout one does need to jump through the Google Hoops: Gmail, Google+, download the app. 


I'm going to rope in some friends to test out Google Hangout. I already use Chrome, have gmail accounts (for two YouTube channels) so all I had to do was download the app, easy enough to do. 


10 people can be in one call.


You can create a "circle" in Google+ just family, friends who share similar hobbies like polymer clay or astrology, business or pleasure. 


Unfortunately Google Hangouts cannot be schedule ahead of time. Someone needs to start a hangout and then invite people to the hangout, that can be done via Google+ circle, a phone number, or email address, if you've filled out the "about" page with Google+. I'd use the personal email address or phone numbers and not share the url through a Yahoo Group because there has been delays with posts showing up in Yahoo Groups. 


Recording the Google Hangout is in conjunction with YouTube and public live streaming. Not something you want for a business meeting. But what if you wanted to record the business meeting to be shared privately? 


Here is an article about audio recording of the Google Hangout with a third party programs.


Here are some current YouTube tutorials for Google Hangouts.

The search string was "Google Hangout Tutorials 2013"


I found them helpful.


Yifat Cohen

Published on Oct 9, 2013

Here are 3 quick easy ways to start a Hangout Party in Google+ (Also known as a private Hangout). 


First, open Chrome (If you don't have it installed yet, download it here -


Second, Download the Chrome Hangout Extension here:


Sign in to Google+.Bookmark this link - 



Nadya Melton, covers a lot of information and even though her accent makes you think "Jersey Shores" she's really from Russia via Indiana. She shows us around Google Hangouts and how to live broadcast and embed a live broadcast in a blog post. Something that some of you might want to experiment with for your personal professional practice. Just a thought there. 


Published on Jun 18, 2013


Google Plus Hangout Tutorial - we discover what Google Hangout is all about, how to join a hangout, how to host a hangout, how to use it for business, how to broadcast it on YouTube Chanel and record it


 Sue Soucy's tutorials are good too and she has the different subjects in separate videos. 

Published on Mar 6, 2013YouTube Tutorial on how to conduct a Google Hangout that can be recorded and go live on YouTube.


Published on Mar 6, 2013***IMPORTANT*** - Google has just changed their format... in order to start a "Hangout On Air" (a Hangout that you can record), you need to go to and click "Start A Hangout On Air". This video shows you how... 


"How To Add A Google Hangout To A Wordpress Blog" at (Preview) "How To Use Google Hangout On YouTube"

SOMArts DOD 201310/25/13: SOMArts Cultural Center Day of the Dead Exhibit Blog Post.
Each year my girlfriend Milly takes me to the SOMArts Cultural Center's Day of the Dead exhibit. This year I was armed with my new Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet (8"), that my older sister, Linda, "fronted" to me. I was able to capture over 50 photos, links on the blog page. My thanks to Milly for driving me about to interesting places. I look forward to November 2, 2013 when we go to the
Mission Cultural Center for the Day of the Dead Parade. My thanks to my sister Linda who doesn't charge me interest on tech she buys for me and lets me pay back over time.
Day of the Dead efforts from Past Years 10/26/2013: I know I've not been adding new things to this website for the last month or so. Been studying Social Network Marketing, WordPress website building, and buidling a new domain for astrology. What you can do is check out the Review Index for pages based on a particular technique, like this review of Day of the Dead efforts from Past Years. Or you can check the Monthly Highlights for October, for example, to see what went on during any particular October in years past. For me I have to build new skill sets and develop other avenues of expression. That's what is going on with me. xoxo NJ
09-10-2013: Review of Covering Tins

Gathering the tutorials that might come in handy with covering Tins, including the web section featuring patterned sheets.
AuntyAlias as TronAugust 2013: Astrology, websites, and Social Network Marketing Homework.
My birthday month so I treated myself to a new website. I'm moving the astrology content from this website to

In January 2014 I hope to be giving a talk on "Social Network Marketing for Astrologers" at the
San Francisco chapter of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). I spent a lot of August preparing for this possible talk. If my talk does not get accepted by NCGR I'm going to offer it to SFAS (San Francisco Astrological Society) where I am the Director of Publicity and Outreach & Web Mistress.
Crown and Crumpet Tea StopJuly 25, 2013: In talks with "Crown and Crumpet Tea Stop Cafe" to do astrology readings there a couple of days a week.

1746 Post Street, SF, CA, 94115.

JapanTown between Webster and Bucannan

Keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that it happens. (Squeee!)
Queer Astrology Conference
July 20-21, 2013
Jack Fertig
Hosted at the California Institute of Intregral Studies. In Memory of Jack Fertig.

Click here to RSVP the Memorial Event.
New Blog Post: Fourth of July - Mulling over stuff

In case you were wondering what I was doing for the month of June...

Rearranging my brain pan in order to create new things.

This picture is of one of the "Elementals". It is the Flower Elemental.
7-4-13: Mercury Retrograde - The Best Time to Edit and Review

Trying to figure out why the social network share function wasn't working on my astrology blog. Got to nattering about how to utilize Mercury Retrograde as opposed to being afraid of it.
Fourth of July 2002July 4, 2000: Star Flower (rebuilt) 08-19-09 - I was doing a search for something and I found these pictures that were at PhotoPoint when it went dark. The album didn't get rebuilt so this is a blast from the past.
June 2, 2013: After doing Spring Cleaning on this website I noticed there were a lot of incidents of my former name of "Gatine". I have returned to my former name of Nora Jean Stone.  That's my legal name now. FYI
Highlights Index  May 2013 - Moving stuff around Spring Cleaning, Fixing Blogs, Orphan Web Sections Found and Linked: Air Dried Clay, Tutorial Prep 3-6-2013, 03-06-2013: PDF Real Abalone Shell, 1999 "sink hole", 12-18-11: The odd things, Memorial 2011, 10-13-2009: Past Swap Items, 06-23-09:Travel Kit , Ox-2009, 2 Color Bullseye, Leaf, 01-21-09 Pendants, 04-20-08 Face Molds, 05-08-08 Add Face Mold, 05-13-08: Making a Face Mold.  12-05-09: Mini Things, 01-23-08 Wheat Bread, Xenia as Xev, Faux Gems,  05-11-08 Mother's Day Index Disney DOD Protest,
April/May 2013: I'm moving stuff around behind the scenes. There may be some pictures that are not showing up & some background gifs missing. Bare with me while I do some spring cleaning on this website.
April 2013: No new items on the website because of lack of access. Repairs to the FrontPage extensions required all the photos on the root directory be placed in a folder named "images". This caused a boatload of pages that got "red x" instead of photos and the Dynamic Web Page template to be broken. So, just like in other years in the past, all my energies went into fixing my website so it'll be somewhat functional.
March 2013
March 31, 2013 - Easter

It's no secret that I'm not Christian but that does not stop me from celebrating Easter in my own way.

These links are from 1999 - 2003, since Easter is about Resurrection.
Abalone Tutorial Prep 3-6-2013 Luny requested a "short order tute" on Abalone. On this page there are links to my abalone efforts since 2000. Also there is a pdf file attached with pictures of real abalone for our studies, and links to three tutorials of polymer clay abalone efforts by different artists. This is the beginning of the prep for a new polymer clay abalone run. More will be added to this page anon.
03-02-2013: Animal Chop Pen 2 videos: Chopping Animal Cane and Covering Pens in two different ways.
03-03-2013: Brown Waves - Multi-Layered Bullseyes cut into 4ths, stacked to make a wave pattern, or it work as fish scales.
February 2013
Happy Chinese New Year 4711!

The Year of the Black Water Snake

February 23, 2013 San Francisco Parade
Snake Goddess Shrine 2000
The Snake Goddess Shrine from 2000
The new swap for CITY-o-Clay will be covered pens. Check out the link for the Review of Covered Pens.
There are a lot of new YouTube videos I've been making since mid February: Making different cane designs, testing out various pen brands to cover with polymer clay, covering pens, utilizing scraps for Chop and Toss, taking "Short Order Claying Requests" from the ClayMates at CITY-o-Clay for tutorial ideas. The links below go to pages in the YouTube Index that have the videos embedded. Or you can go directly to my YouTube channel.
February 12 through 14, 2013 Pen Swap Prep: 02-12-2013: Introduction to Covering Pens with Polymer Clay; Pen #1-Plain Green;  Pen #2 - 5aoF
February 14 - 15, 2013: Chop and Toss of the 5aoF cane scraped off of the Pens from February 12 through 14, 2013 Pen Swap Prep: Natasha Bead from One Srapped Pen; Double Sided pendant from 4 scraped pens; Chopping 5aoF unreduced cane;  Undoing Double Sided Pendant - Re do to 2 pendants
02-16_17-2013 Tiger Cane Cover Pen: Mixing Colors; Easy Breezy Blend to Jelly Roll; Make Fat Stripes; Add Stripes & Chevron Flip; Cover Pen with Tiger Leaves.
02-17-2013: Making leopard spot cane and covering a pen barrel.
02-19-2013: Making Zebra cane and covering a pen barrel
02-20-2013: Faux Pine Grain, covering pens, chop and toss scraps to beads.
02-19 through 26, 2013: Faux Ivory, a "short order claying request" from Fred from the UK. Using Desiree's Faux Ivory tutorial, covering a pen, Easy Breezy Scrimshaw. 
02-14-2013: Valentines Day "Melt-assacre" I used BicStic (grey) to cover the first batch of pens. A YouTube subscriber said that they melted on her. I took a sample pen and tossed it into the oven, not taking care to make sure that the temperature was correct. The pen melted into a horrible mess. I thought it was the brand of pen. It was not. It was my error. JulieS, our beloved Swap Mistress, write to me saying "The Bic Stic (grey) works fine. Cure it in corn starch at 270F for a half hour." She was correct, bless her heart. So this is my Bic Stic Error Page. 
January 2013
WordPress Websites: I've been spending my time learning more about how to create websites using the WordPress platform.

I'm rebuilding the CITY-Lists web sections for the seven Yahoo!Groups that make up CITY-Lists.

I was asked to make a "sample" website and I did but since there are thousands of "themes" and tens of thousand of "plug ins" I kept the sample site simple. I have other WordPress sites and they are listed below.
Sample One: Responsive - Can be viewed on smart phones, tablets, and regular computer screens.
CITY-o-Clay web section rebuild with WordPress.
CITY-Leaders training web section rebuilt with WordPress
Tosh Stone Kung Fu WordPress website.
AuntyAlias: I'm just saying - my general nattering blog
AstroStone: Read me now, believe me later, the stars don't lie
Computer Spring Cleaning and Web Work01-14-13: The big news is domain has been renewed. It has been MIA since April 2012 when my last webhost went belly up. I'm in the process of rebuilding the old FrontPage themes into WordPress themes. CITY-o-Clay 's WordPress section is the first to be rebuilt because it serves the most people. It's still a work in progress. The theme is supposed to be "responsive" meaning that smart phones, tablets, and desktop monitors should be able to see that WordPress theme without any difficulty.

The rest of the Yahoo Groups will have different WordPress themes as I'm testing different layouts to see what they do.

As with all rebuilds this will take most of my web time (not including doing webwork for the
San Francisco Astrological Society). When it's all done my intention for 2013 is to make new polymer clay tutorials for this website and on YouTube.

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