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New Projects Text Index. This isn't helpful for visitors, this is for my convenience.

10-15-05 - AnatoMan Index

2004-Flower and Leaf Index Multiple Demos

Abalone Fold Lady: 07-12-04 Demo

Afro Couple: A continuation on a "save" Demo

Baby Face: Index

Basket Seller: Started years ago and fussed with off and on

Bread - 02-19-04: While making bread for Sharon and CherylH I just went nuts

Real Candy Samples 10-13-03

Real Godiva Chocolates

Real Truffles to Study

GingerBread House Index: 12-10-03

Heart Mints

Rocky Road Index

Chop - Canewich Index

First Sheets and Spooky Stuff 1999 rebuilds

Newbie Box Cane Swap Chop 06-2004

Mirror Tube Beads - 07-15-06

Small Natasha Index - 07-10-06:

Extruded Clay Index

MerMaid MakeOver

Hand Molding Extruded Clay

Seaweed - 001

Seaweed 002


The Golden Mermaid in her cigar box

Fire Cane Experiments 01-29-06

Fairy Guard Dog Demo

Green Lady Index-1: 09-15-03: Demo

09-19-03: Green Lady Index-2

girl child pen pal

Holly Daze Index

One Tile Tute

WebLog 11-21-03: Making the cane that makes Holly.

Epson Album with Screen Shots for Holly Daze of 2003

Making the Holly Leaf

Attach The Leaf Index

Half Done

Big Fat Tip on doing easy breezy eyeballs.

First Cure

Inro of Gold and Brown: 02-01-04 Demo

Josana: 06-22-04 Sculpting Demo

Kai-3's New Digs, just moved in

Kwanzaa Jar: 12-25-03

Leaf Cane with highlight on one side Demo

Demo on leaves with highlight on one side ScreenShots

Leaves with highlights on one side before Chevron Flip Demo Log

Leaf on Water: 12-06-03 Demo

01-10-04: Two Tins For finished shots

12-06-03: DemoLog,

Once you have the sheet made cover those tins you get in the mail.

The making of the cane

Leopard Dish Set - 10-05-03

Lo-Cal-Fruit and Sorbet Index - 02-25-04

Man and Beast

09-19-03: Review of Faces and Figures


  1. Lady With Pot

  2. Dragon Tenders

  3. MerFolk: for fans of MerPeople.

  4. Lurking Man

  5. AbaFold Lady

  6. Josana 

  7. Rainbow MerCouple

  8. Flying Fairy  

  9. Monkey Man   

  10. The MerBlue Family

  11. Lex  Portrait Sculpture

  12. Mother and Baby in a hinged Emu egg

  13. The TLS'd Egyptian Family

  14. Prince of Fire as an Elvis Impersonator

  15. Centaur Bald

  16. Centaur with Hair

  17. Centaurette

  18. Lil''Man


  1. Chinese New Year Fire Dog

  2. Nursing Mom

  3. Faux Egypt Lady

  4. NagaMan

  5. Lobster Lady, Once More With Feeling

  6. Jean Luc

  7. Green Lady Index-2

  8. RitaMaid

  9. Frida Khalo

  10. Basket Seller

  11. The Creole Queen

  12. Fu Man Chu

  13. MerBruce-2004 with baby  

  14. Afro Couple

  15. Arnold Vosloo 

Horse Index

Masks: 10-22-04

Full Face Group 12/09/2001

Face Sculpting Non Swap

Leopard  Cane , 5, 6, Leopard Mask pages

Hurry Cane Index Demo

Pink and White Mask Demo

10-18-04- Flower and Leaf Mask Demo

Clay Techniques-04 Examples of Embellished faces. Demo

Kai Face Mold Demo

9-21-2002: Shady Sadie Demo

Mold Dish Experiment

02-25-04: The first set

02-26-04: The second set

Ozzie Food  Samples: 10-13-03

PenPals Ball point pens covered with sculpted figures, building mini scenes around them for the pen bases. 

Pen Pals Group 1

Green Girl Pen Pal Index

Female Group - 1

Screen Shots of the making of a Male Pen Pal.

09-04-04: Pen Pal Demo - 1: The first Demo on making a Pen Pal, it goes with the screen shots above.

09-05-03: DemoLog for Pen Pals -2: Starting the Dancing Lady and a Surprise visit from my Son, Daughter in Law and Grand Daughter.

09-05-03: DemoLog-Pen Pals-3: Evening Demo after the family visit. Still working on Pen Pals and Denise is working on her MerMan.

09-06-03: DemoLog Pen Pals-4: Afternoon Demo, still working with Pen Pals, folks popping in and out of chat.

09-06-03-DemoLog -5: Review of Sculpting. Aluminum foil armature, using the food processor to mix clay colors, doing the taffy pull, covering the armature with clay and starting the sculpting process for the Jolly Green Giantess.

Sleeping Lady Pen - 002

PenPal Index

  1. PenPal with base: Four examples of how to get your PenPal to stand up.

  2. LeafLady Index

  3. AfroAngel with sparkly wings.

  4. 04-12-04: Orchid Drape PenPal

  5. Green Girl Index

  6. The Chubby Dancer  

  7. 2004-Sleeping Lady  

  8. Pens made prior to August 2003

Pie Crust: Making pre cured pie crust by using molds: 02-23-04

Push Cane Sample: 04-19-04

"Runagate-Rampant" Polymer Clay Sculpture Index

Scratch Crayon Index

Scratch Crayon Old Stuff

Stars: First Cure, no Finish A variation on the cut out technique first used in the HeartMints. 12-13-03

04-23-05 Strawberry plant

Thanksgiving Left Overs and Preparing for the Holidays

Lemonade Review

Iced Lemonade Cured with a Finish, 12-04-03

Iced Lemonade Cured but with no Finish on them yet.


Sandwich Earrings

Demo: Holiday Cooking- 11-29-03

Wisteria Index

Wisteria Lei with Leaves

Wisteria Beads-01-Thms

Wisteria Real Samples -1

Wisteria Real Samples -2

10-25-04 Sorting Scraps

Mini Glow Sticks

Sea Shells made with Polymer Clay

October 12, 2002 - Experiments with mixing TLS with colored Mica.

Review Index: 

  1. Tongues of Fire: 06-11-04

  2. Animal Cane Review: 06-11-04

  3. Three Layered Beads: 06-11-04

  4. Faux Wood Grain Review

  5. Day of the Dead efforts from Past Years

  6. Review of 2003 Day of the Dead

  7. Polymer Clay and how to make honey  or marmalade and pots

  8. Review: Juicy Mini Foods

  9. Sculpt What You Love

  10. Review of Faces and Figures

  11. Review of Mini Food in a Jar




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